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Jewelry Findings

Handcrafted Jewelry findings and charms as well as super cool findings or charms I may have found along the way. If you see something I produced that you would like in a different metal or any variations please let me know.

Rustic Patina Charm- Jewelry Findings for Sale

Rustic Patina Charm

Made from repurposed copper this tiny star charm is adorable for any jewelry project. Turquoise Patina.

12 mm round charm
$6. each. 

Triangle Jewelry Connector- Jewelry Findings

Rustic Triangle Connector

Triangular handcrafted jewelry connector or focal piece. Wire wrapped base metal with patina. This is a closed piece.

20mm x 19 mm

Copper Leaf Jewelry Finding

Copper Leaf Pendant/Charm

Handcrafted from repurposed copper, hand dyed. Has a hole on the back top for connecting.

37mm x 20 mm

Artisan Crafted Buttons–Jewelry Findings for Sale

Buttons- single hole

These copper and nickel silver buttons are handcrafted and stamped, each one of a kind, great for running leather through and knotting. 

approx. 15mm
$6.00 each

Old Coins - Jewelry Findings for sale

Vintage Coins

I purchased these coins some time back. I am not 100% certain that they are Pakistan Afghan Coins or ??, but they are super cool. Some are worn more than others, some have a natural patina.  Bail is wide.
19 mm
$3.00 each.

Artisan crafted Copper Disk Floral blue and green

Floral Disc

This handcrafted embossed convex disc has been stained with brilliant colors. Disc has a hole at the top for easy connecting.

approx. 35mm
$8 each

Circular Connector- Jewelry Findings- Handcrafted

Circuclar Connectors

These interconnected circular connectors are hand forged with a hammered texture. Available with a green or black patina, in different sizes & metals. Please contact me if you would like a spacific finish, metal or size.

approx. 14mm for each circle
Total length 42mm
This size/metal/finish $6.00 each

Jewelry Findings, Jewelry Charm budding plant

Budding Plant Charm

This repurposed copper charm is embossed with a budding branch and finished with blue and copper stain's. Hole in top for easy connecting to any project.

approx. 15 mm
$6.00 each.

Artisan crafted Copper Disk Floral blue and green

Bird and Branches Pair

These handcrafted embossed rectagles are made of repurposed copper. One has been stained with deep teal and the other has a brown patina. Each has a hole at the top. Excellent for a fun pair of earrings or any project.

22mm x 14mm
$12 /pair

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