Mabon, Celebrate the Fall Equinox

Mabon, Celebrate the Fall Equinox

The Fall Equinox 

The changes in temperature and daylight that come during the fall are caused by the orbit of the Earth around the sun. Astronomers base the seasons on key moments in those planetary movements and contend that the the start of autumn as the Fall Equinox is when day and night are of equal length. In September when the sun appears to cross the equator and head south it is regarded by astronomers as the beginning of Fall. At this point, the sun rises precisely in the east and sets precisely in the west.

After the Fall Equinox, days then begin to grow shorter and darkness gets longer. Each year, this takes place sometime between September 21 and 24 and is also referred to as the September Equinox or Mabon.


Mabon is the celebration of the Autumn Equinox for pagan worshippers. Mabon is seen as the second harvest of the year, when fruit is gathered for a great feast of thanksgiving. It's a turning point where we begin to see darkness dominate over light as we head into winter. The sun god dies in this battle of dark and light but will return in the spring.

It is believed that the equinox is a time not just to celebrate the physical harvest of fruit but to look at what has come to fruition in their own lives.

Take the time, at this time of year to celebrate the equinox and harness its energy to restore balance in your life, express gratitude and be mindful as well as grateful for all that has come into fruition.

With all of the trials of 2020 it is a refreshing practice of ritual celebration to redirect thoughts, stresses, anxiety and negative, hopeless patterns that may be affecting your life during this time and restore balance and set intention for the times ahead.


The sun is passing directly over the Earth’s equator causing day and night to be equal. Balance naturally happens on this day. Use this energy to tweak areas in your life that are out-of-balance and celebrate areas that are balanced.

Spend a little time noting some important questions to ponder and balance at this time...

  • Are you spending enough time outdoors?
  • When you are outdoors are you focusing on nature and your surroundings?
  • Are you allowing for daily day dreaming?
  • Are you spending time manifesting your dreams or are you focusing on stress or the logical mind?
  • Are you all work and no play?
  • Are you using your time wisely?

During times of high stress it is easy to block our ability to fully function, we either become overwhelmed and dark or depressed and unable to accomplish anything letting the days go by, or we get caught up in moving, moving, moving and not slowing down take time to nurture our creative or more playful selves.

Aligning with balance puts you on solid footing for manifesting the life you desire easier and faster. Take a few deep breaths, sit in silence and feel your energy in and around your body...what is it telling you?

Creating a new altar

The beginning of each season offers an opportunity to clear your altar and create a new one. This is an amazing way to clear out energy and bring in new energy and intention based on what you want to manifest in your life at this time. Below are questions to contemplate as you create your altar along with ideas for altar items however it is important that you choose items that resonate with you!

Earth (Pentacles, Root Chakra)

  • What do you need to complete at this time?
  • By going within and meditating or just sensing your bodies energy, what needs healing at this time?
  • What are the best support tools, people, places, things for you in this process, at this time?

Alter Item suggestions:
Related Crystals:
Turquoise, Malachite, Emerald
Oils, Candles, insense:  vitiver, cedar, pine
Objects: Coins, grains, salt

Fire (Wands, Solar Plexus)

The Fire Element represents the energy of transformation or change. It has three forms: fire, the sun, and lightening. It represents passion and relationships.

  • Are your relationships making you happy?
  • Do you set boundaries and how are you doing this?
  • Do you practice self-love? Do you take time to care for you?

Alter Item suggestions:
Related Crystals:
 Rose Quartz, Garnet, Ruby
Oils, Candles, incense:  Cloves, Ginger, Black Pepper and Frankincense
Objects: Red wine, spices, mangoes, pepper

Water (Cups, Sacral)

  • How can you deepen your clear knowing?
  • Are you properly managing your time at this time?
  • Are you taking time to reflect and sit in silence?


Alter Item suggestions:
Related Crystals:
 Amethyst, Opal, Moonstone
Oils, Candles, insense:  Jasmine, Rose, Ylang-ylang
Objects: A bowl of water, wine or juice.

Air (Swords, Heart)

  • Are you ready and willing to bring new things into your life?
  • Are you bringing joy into your life?
  • Do you allow for time to play?
  • Are you expressing yourself powerfully?
  • Are you also gentle mindful and thoughtful with yourself and others?

Alter Item suggestions:
Related Crystals:
 Imperial Topaz, Citrine, Amber
Oils, Candles, insense:  Bergamot, Basil
Objects: Seeds or nuts you find from trees, feathers and wind chimes.

Its always a good practice to journal your thoughts on the topics above, note the items you chose and intentions set and take notes down the road on the outcome.

Set aside time to enjoy your altar each day and send energy to it, create an affirmation to support your goals and speak it aloud each day at the same time.

Enjoy the Fall Equinox and Blessed be.


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