An Interview with Alexis Prince

An Interview with Alexis Prince


Interview with Alexis Prince, for a Journalistic paper on the psychic community.
Alexis Prince interviewed by Elizabeth Fili.

Alexis: A little background.
I have kind of a different story. My parents had difficulty getting pregnant (the third time) after trying for a while, my great grandmother who was, what is known in Italian families as a “Strega” or an Italian witch told my parents when to “try” based on her Astrological forecast. It worked and I was then born with what is known as the “caul” on my head, some call this "born with a veil." Some believe that caul bearers have supernatural gifts. Others believe they will never drown and sailors used to purchase small pieces of the caul to take with them to sea. Many belief systems hold that being born with a veil is a sign of special destiny and psychic abilities, or good luck.

Elizabeth: When did you realize you were gifted with your abilities?

Alexis: When I was around 5 years old I could often be found in sitting meditation. I had no idea that was what it was, but I do remember the days seem to go by long and slow and I felt like I had been somewhere else. My mother would sit on the floor in front of me with stacks of encyclopedias waiting for me to come out of the meditation state and she would ask me about what I experienced. She would look things up as many of the experiences were off-planet. I would often talk about different constellations, other planets, and basically draw star charts for her. She was often able to find verification of what I drew. No internet back then! 


Between 5 and 10, my parents grew more aware of my gifts. I could see color around people (aura and shapes) I could feel and sense things about people their emotions (empathic) and I could put my hands-on people and tell them where there were inconsistencies in their body or biofield or simply what might be wrong with them. My family had no problem having me sit in the corner during family and friend gatherings and later tell them what I saw or asking me to lay hands on someone to tell them what I felt. 

I was bothered terribly by the idea of blacktop over the earth to support means of travel, I questioned constantly “whose” idea it was that we eat, sleep, go to school, work, pay taxes, etc. It made no sense to me and I would argue, as a child that this was not how we were supposed to live! I had Catechism on Wednesdays as a young child and I argued not meaning to be contentious with the Nuns as I didn’t feel that what they posed had basis. My mother eventually told them I didn’t need to go. She introduced me to authors and  Psychic Mediums such as Arthur Ford, Ruth Montgomery and Silvia Brown in my early teens.

I was clearly awake.

I should also note that our family home was built on an Indian burial ground with the finished basement 6 feet into the ground. We all experienced many things in that house.

It was during these early wonder years that I experienced nightly visitations and off-planet trips. I clearly remember the anxiety of waiting for their arrival and the feeling of transport to the destination. I remember many events during this time. All these things continued for many years and I remember many details.

At 10 years old my parents got divorced and life got in the way. I had to live more “in the matrix” or in my “human life” so my abilities were somewhat put on hold for a period of time. I should note however that my family had taken me to doctors who diagnosed me with Synesthesia. I think the doctors just didn’t know what else to make of it. I can’t argue that I don't equate sound, color, and numbers to things, and I do feel people's energy as emotion passing through me, but I am not convinced that it is Synesthesia any more than it is me being who we all truly are as beings. I will note too, that a cousin of mine had the same diagnosis.


Elizabeth:  What made you decide to use your abilities professionally?

This could be a long answer so I will try to keep it short. Many years went by of life getting in the way. In my early 20’s I studied herbology, astrology, and tarot. I felt at home with these practices, they felt natural to me, something that I was innately familiar with. But again…life interrupted. Years went by again and after some time, I suddenly thought one day, I have forgotten who I am. And at that moment my quest to get “me” back began.

For years I had avoided people as my empathic abilities were overly active, on top of that if someone so much as mentioned something they owned was missing I would see it immediately. Spirits would communicate with me when someones loved ones were around with messages for them and on and on, it was out of hand, have mercy it was too much.

At this point in my life, I had moved to Virginia from California for a period of four years. I was lucky to find a woman there, who taught intuitive development, mediumship, tarot, you name it. She literally lived 8 minutes from me. I immersed myself in a course of study with her for this four year period. I learned how to control my abilities, my energy and how to use it for my life and to help others. It was amazing. A gift. The answer to my woes. I could now control it, turn it off and on. 

I continued to study everything I could get my hands on from Quantum Physics to the Ascension Mystery Teachings. I learned that we are so much more than we are taught that we are. We are suppressed from knowing who we truly are and now I had a much better understanding as well as control over my abilities. There was nothing left to do but help others like me, those awake, awakening and not awake but suffering. I studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher, I became certified in energy, crystal and sound healing as everything is energy and this is the source of everything. I knew that the only thing for me to do was help.

Elizabeth: What are your thoughts on human beings and the world we live in?

Well, …you might not like the answer. Not everyone is ready to hear it. We have not been taught the truth about the history of the planet, about pre-Adamite history, about who runs this planet/societal structure (work, eat, sleep, pay taxes, suffer, die, reincarnate, start again- enslavement) and the ultimate agenda of those in control. The truth about who we are has been suppressed. “We are souls, being human” well yeah sure, but it’s much deeper than that.

We are souls imprisoned in our bodies, imprisoned on this planet, imprisoned for multitudes of incarnations, enslaved to do this work, enslaved to create an energy (created from pain and misery) called loosh which those who are truly in control need to survive. They survive on our fears, anxiety, and stress. Reincarnation after reincarnation we go through misery after misery, loosh creating machines which we truly are not meant to be.

Now we are awake or awakening. They keep us down by providing us with toxic food, toxic air, toxic water, and brainwashing. Why? Because we are Gods. We have the capabilities of our creator. Our pineal gland has been calcified in order to close the doorway to all knowledge. But we are awake, and or awakening now. And as we go through this process we remember, we embrace our abilities, we remember who we are, and we gain access once again all innate knowledge. We tap into the Morphic field (Morphic Field Theory – Rupert Sheldon) and we know. We are evolving back into who we really are.

We are entering a new density (not to be confused with dimension) we are awakening and rising towards the 4th and 5th density, the evolution of our natural being moving towards lightbody or rainbow body. This is why so many are awakening now, though many are not sure what to do next. Ascension, preparation and honing our skills are next. The Scientifically proven solar flash reoccurs every 25,200 years. We are coming up on that at which time those who prepared will ascend and those who are blind or asleep or of ill-thought will not. Some stay on the planet, some go to other places/dimensions and others achieve lightbody.

It is time for everyone to awaken, embrace our natural state of being and reclaim who we truly are. We are much more powerful than those who are suppressing us. With thought alone, we can do this. If every person for 1 day felt nothing but joy it would destroy those who pose this upon us.

The first Hermetic Principle states: The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.

 (read more about the Hermetic Principles here )

 Elizabeth: How do you feel about your gifts and abilities?

Honestly, there are times when it is exhausting, and I don’t want to be recognized for it, and other times when I just know it is my and all of our natural state of being and staying focused, connected and in control is the most beneficial thing I can be. Sometimes it is me “getting” info from one form of methodology (Clairs) and other times I am pushed aside inside the body and another is channeling through. My abilities are no different than yours, it’s just what you focus your attention on that shows up the strongest in one’s life.


Elizabeth: What do you like most/least about your profession?

I love continuously learning, I love working with people, teaching and helping them master their abilities, I love providing guidance and doing healing work, just helping make the everyday life on this planet a little easier to tolerate, a little easier to understand and rise above. Helping people to be comfortable and embrace who they truly are as spiritual beings, light, energy, souls, spirit connected as one. Awaking to the powerful beings we truly are. 

I think the most difficult part of being awake and working in this industry is the knowing. The knowing of what is true and how it is a daily struggle for so many. Knowing all of this at such a deep level is a bit of a struggle as we watch those not awake moving through the dream world in the matrix, in 3rd D, here.

I am not affected by skepticism as I am not affected by the good opinion of others. How could I be? I have personally experienced so much. I am 100% confident in my experiences what I know, have learned, continued to learn and “see.”  I have a very high IQ which as with many who do, it opens us up to access information from source easily. It can be overwhelming.

I have experienced many hardships in this life, as have so many.  I have had two NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) in my life. I have clear memories of pre-life (this time around) experiences, I have clear memories of what I can only now explain as a potential 20 and back experience, and many early life off-world experiences, I know what I experienced, I know who we are and who we are not. I just hope to participate in bringing that awakening to all who seek it and make it a celebration of love and life.











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