Overflowing, Releasing and Taking time for self.

Overflowing, Releasing and Taking time for self.

Card Reveal & Reading for 11.25.2019 Pick A Card on Facebook.

You may have found this post because you picked a card today on Facebook. If you stumbled upon this post and have not picked a card, see the image below, sit back, relax take a few cleansing breaths, and pick the card that you are most drawn to. 
May this reading provide you with insights and guidance. 
Pick a Card if you have not already before reading through:
God of  Blooms- Think Ace of Cups

This card is about things overflowing. The suit of blooms is about the ebb and flow of "things". With the God of Blooms, we think of this being about giving and receiving and being open to the present. Looking in a mirror and bearing witness to the strange fishiness of what we see.

With this card ask yourself, what insight is waiting for me about the role of emotion in my life? and What do I need to be emotionally receiving?

You may be experiencing a new emotion or insight. Maybe something you haven't felt before. It might be a new emotion, a relationship, or a new awareness about an existing relationship. The seed of love anger, jealousy or another emotion has been planted. Refer back to the first paragraph about "overflowing" and looking in the mirror. Ask the questions necessary to help you through this overwhelming time, one day you will be looking back on it, you want to be sure it's from the right place.


King of Bones

Strong community and family bonds, happiness and harmony at home. And like the Kind of Pentacles, this king is also about releasing something physical. The end to a physical, material, or financial pattern in your life. There is no point in re-committing resources, physical energy or money to this project. It is important to recognize that your investment in this security pattern has run its course. It is time to take some action to end old patterns and withdraw from your involvement in that direction.


The Hermit

It’s time for retreat. You need to separate yourself from others and from your routine activities in order to gain some perspective on them. You have, with you, all the knowledge and wisdom you need in order to understand what has been happening. Now you just need to take the time to think things through before you rejoin the group.


Bonus Crystal Card: Ajoite

Ajoite is a highly spiritual store that emits the loving energy of the Goddess and Mother Earth, aiding sweet loving communication with Spirit and Angels. It is a strong communication stone that will open the throat chakra helping you to fully express yourself and aid in the flow of spiritual communication from the higher transpersonal chakras via the soul star chakra into the crown chakra and third eye chakra. Often this spiritual or psychic communication may be in the form of “knowing” or “receiving” And is a great tool for mediumship, channeling and or just communicating with your guides and angels in meditation. 


 Let us know if this reading resonates with you!

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