Releasing, Rethinking and Manifesting a New Path.

Releasing, Rethinking and Manifesting a New Path.

Card Reveal and Reading for Pick A Card 6.17.19. 

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King of Swords

Kings are Releasing and what great timing with this Full Moon. This particular King represents releasing an old lifestyle or idea.

Old philosophical ideas have finally exhausted themselves. It’s time to trade them in for a new point of view. Your habitual communication pattern is no longer appropriate for your life; it is time for a change. You may need to complete some communication with someone in particular. You may have reached an end in a training or learning period. It may be something related to life experiences here on the earth plane and it may be related to spiritual ascension as well.  One working towards the other.

You are aware that your old lifestyle is no longer meaningful or interesting to you. You are now ready to stop living by those old beliefs that are not working. An inner voice may have outlived its usefulness in your life, it is time to release or transform it.  Value the force of your intellect or that of someone close to you. Spend some time going within and releasing. Now is a great time with the full moon.


Variscite is a powerful heart activation stone, helping to release judgment and allowing disparate people and views to be united. It is used to enhance higher brain functions such as learning, logic, and reasoning and to help in finding self-acceptance. This stone is very calming and helps to bring emotional stability.  


You have decided to change a basic or core beliefs in your life. Because you have believed in certain things, those things have manifest in your life as a foundation upon which your life structure has been built. When you change one of your core believes you are seeing a new “truth” about the way things are for you. That flat of enlightenment is like the lightning hitting the tower. It starts off a chain reaction. The important thing about the Tower is its impact. The result is much more far-reaching and complex.

You can see that by changing one basic attitude, opinion or belief you can really affect your whole life. Eventually, this one change will lead to a complete readjustment of your belief system or philosophy of life. You had some old, encrusted beliefs and attitudes that needed to be shaken loose. It's positive for you to see a new truth right now.

Pink Peruvian Opal

Also a heart chakra stone, this stone is good for self-healing, rebirth, spiritual awakening, renewal and love. It has a calming effect and helps with behavior patterns and violent behavior. It has a gentle frequency that helps to calm and soothe your emotional body, clearing and calming the heart to bring a sense of love, peace, and hope.


8 of Swords Reversed.

First I want to say that reversed simply implies muted energies, perhaps the meaning of the card is stalled in its interpretation, maybe you are mulling it over and over… and over and over instead of making a decision and moving forward. This is always an energy that CAN be transmuted.

8’s are organizing with all 8’s you are organizing yourself and your life. You are carefully, thoughtfully, making choices based on your priorities and on the expansive experiences of the 7’s before it. You are analyzing or assimilating what you have learned from them. After you have got everything organized you will be able to go on to the integrated flow of the Nine.

It's a good time to put things in order. It is appropriate to reevaluate what you are doing and set priorities for yourself. Evaluate and make some commitments.

With the 8 of Swords, the energy is all about organizing thoughts and if you are taking this reading not as individual cards but as a “reading for the week” you can see how strongly this message is coming through with each card this is a cosmic tap on the noggin! Time to re-evaluating your beliefs and attitudes and decide which ones to toss out. You have had enough experience to know how your beliefs operate. Now you can pick and choose which ones to emphasize in your life.  You may be evaluating how to work with your inner voices and deciding what to attend to each one.


This is a time of careful, thoughtful evaluation of choices/decisions you make in life. Take time to sit in silence and listen. Know when to discard repetitive thoughts that are not serving you and set a goal for transformation and make it so.

Picture Agate

It cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity. Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.

As we can see all of the stones resonate perfectly with the message of each individual card and the reading as a whole. This is a time for some self-love, self-soothing, healing, rethinking and planning how your life will manifest moving forward.

I hope that this reading resonates with you and provides guidance to help you on your way. Watch for our live card pull evenings on our facebook group at

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