About Wire and Stones

Wire Jewelry and Lapidary Artist

I have been interested in gemstones and jewelry design for as long as I can remember. I loved looking through the "fancy" magazines at the doctors office as a child and all I wanted to look for were the high end jewelry ads. I just loved them and always though "I can do that." 

In my 20's I was lucky enough to work in a jewelry house for Tiffany & Company. The rigid protocols taught me a lot and I am forever grateful for that experience. During my time in NY I also work for other production jewelry houses- oh it was so much fun and I eventually settled in to work for Gail Rothstein Design and for that period of time I was her sole jeweler. This was a ton of fun as her pieces where like puzzles and I got to explore a lot of avenues of being a bench jeweler and playing with jewelry design. She was a joy to work with and I still love her designs to this day. 

I soon moved back to California and worked for other jewelry houses over the years from bench work to wire work as well as stringing and beading. My love of rough material and gemstones grew and still today is a huge inspiration for my work. I am a member of my local gem and mineral society and participate in local Northern California gem and mineral trade shows. 

I started Wire and Stones in 2013 with my sister under the name Minn and Madeline after our grandmother and great aunt. As I integrated lapidary into my bag of tricks I put together Wire and Stones. Here I settle in happily, working with weaving wire and cutting and polishing stones, trying new techniques and happily working in the craft of my early childhood dreams. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.

About Alexis Prince

Alexis is a bench jeweler and a wire artist whose work includes wire wrapping, wire weaving and heady style designs. Alexis also enjoys the lapidary arts and cuts and polishes many of the cabochons you will find on this site and in her pieces.