Beginning Wire Wrapping Materials List

What you will need for this class:

Flat Nose Pliers
Bent Nose Pliers
Flush cutters
Needle Nose (optional)
Round Nose (optional)

You can use art wire, copper wire, silver or any type of wire you like. I strongly recommend for starting you use either art wire or copper wire.

20 gauge square or round wire. * Dead soft
24 or 22 gauge half round wire. * Dead soft

The length you will need will depend on the size of your cabochon. I recommend buying by the spool if you are using art wire and if you are using copper wire and don't want to buy a spool, have about 3-5 feet of wire. Maybe even a little more just in case. A good way to measure is take a string and go around your stone. Mark where the ends of the string meet around the stone and place that on a ruler. You will need about 2-3x that length for your piece.

You can use any shape cabochon however I recommend pear or oval shape for a beginning piece. I would also recommend starting with a moderate sized cabochon, some where around 30mm tall x 20mm wide give or take. If you already a cabochon and it,s larger than that, no worries, just be sure to measure it when getting your wire.

If you do not have a cabochon you can check out our cabochons here. We add more all the time. 

Other helpful materials:
Blue painters tape.
Metric Ruler
Graph paper and a pencil.