Freebies, Download Posters, Cards, Charts on Crystals, Chakras and more.

FREEBIES! Ascend offers a number of different ebooks, charts, posters, cards and other information as free downloads. You may also want to check out our Meditation Corner.

We hope you enjoy!

Red Garnet for January Poster

Download our FREE Printable Red Garnet for January Poster. At a glance info on different aspects of Red Garnet such as Keywords, properties, elements, Zodiac, Essential oils, Chakras and more!

Crystals for Anti-fear and Anxiety

This document shows crystals that are helpful for reducing fear and anxiety. It has a crystal grid layout, mojo bag and bath prescription using the recommended crystals. Download it for free!

You can also click here to find out about a personal crystal prescription.

Ascend Chakra Crystal Chart

Download our Printable Chakra Crystal Chart!
It's Free!


Crystals for New Moon in Virgo

Download our FREE Printable Crystals for New Moon in Virgo. Use this as a crystal grid, place a clear quartz point, cluster or geode in the center and follow your preferred New Moon Ceremony/Ritual.

Free Download - Zener Cards Test Your ESP

Zener cards are a great way to practice and sharpen your Clairaudience and Telepathy skills. Download here free, print and cut them out. Best if printed on card board so you can not see through them : )

Free Download - Chakra Chart

Enjoy our downloadable basic chakra chart. Download, print, display! Great for any space!

Root Chakra Poster

This Poster shows information on the Root cChakra, healing tips and a mantra. Download, print and display in your sacred space!



How to Clear a Spirit from Your Home or Space

Download our FREE eBook on clearing your home or a space of unwanted energy or spirits.