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With our affordable Patreon Class Packages now you can emmerse yourself in a months worth of Live and recorded classes, videos, Q and A live Chat sessions, downloads, group healing sessions, meditations and so much more. Each group has a specific focus and added bonuses. Packages start at $15/month. All packages contain a discount package offering 15% off our Shop, 15% off our Services, 5% off classes not offered in my Patreon packages, and of course being a part of a private community. And with Patreon you can stop at any time- easily! All live sessions will be recorded and available for replay. **Scroll down below the class options to read full class descriptions.**

Tier 1: Meditation Journeying + Message

This class is a "Meditation Journeying + Communication" development class with silence, crystals and sound. We will explore communication with the Mind, Body and Spirit. We start by preparing your spirit for communicating with your body (organs, cells,etc), your guides, higher self, master guides and moving on to other realms, dimensions, densities. We will explore astral travel and remote viewing as part of this process. This class is for those who are serious about developing a safe and protected yet strong way to communicate through journeying and receiving messages. This practice follows a Daoist practice of Meditation with principles of mediumship and intuitive development for ceremonial rituals, clarity and self and space protection.



  • Meditation Journeying + Messages Sessions 1-1.5hrs 1 time per month
  • Live Q and A session 30 mins- follows the above mentioned session 1 x a month
  • Ceremony + Rituals provided for different needs in recorded and downloadable forms
  • Aura Clearing Exercises + related exercises based on information covered(video)
  • Guided Meditations for practice and replay of video from sessions.

Tier 1 is $15/month

**Scroll down to view detailed indivdual class descriptions.

Tier 2: The Crystal Healing Group

If your looking for a little extra boost to get you through your daily journey, this Tier is for you! You will receive a live Group Reiki, Crystal and Sound Healing session via Zoom, a Live Q and A- where you can submit a crystal question in advance and have it answered in the live session! A monthly crystal grid designed with a specific intention that you can rewatch for inspiration as well as make your own at home. The video will show start to finish process of the ceremony and building the grid as well as taking it down before the next build. And to top it off there is a Crystal Rx for each month giving insights into three crystals that work well together for a given intention and how to work with them throughout the month!

  • Group Distance Reiki, Crystal & Sound Healing- We will have 1x a month a live online group healing session, 1-1.5hrs.
  • Live Q and A / Discussion session- 1x per month, 30 mins-1 hr. BONUS: Submit 1 question per month to have it answered during the session.
  • Crystal Rx - (Video and or download) Each month I will feature two-three crystals and a chakra focus in a video recording explaining the energies of each and how to work with them throughout the month. Benefits, properties and ways to work with them.
  • Monthly Crystal Grid  (Video) I will compile a crystal grid for each month with a specific intention in mind. I will provide a video of the grid set process and show how to send energy to the grid every day. I will discuss each stone and how it benefits the grids intention. The group can make suggests for specific intentions for coming grids. Some grids will include printable worksheets for you to use on your own for personal development.
  • Discounts on our services, class offerings that are not a part of Patreon and online shop purchases.

    Tier 2 is $20/month





Tier 3 Connecting with Crystals

This TIER will be Open in MARCH 2023.
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Connecting with Crystals is a place for learning about Crystals, getting your questions answered, and doing some real work Connecting with Crystals.

  • Connecting with Crystals Mini Workshops 1 hr 1x per month (may go over a little)
  • Live Q and A / Discussion session- 1x per month, 30 minutes. BONUS: Submit 1 crystal question per month to have it answered during the session.
  • All of Tier 2 (including discount package)

Some Connecting with Crystals Mini Workshop Topics

  • Activate your intuition with Crystals
  • Crystals + The Clairs
  • Crystal Womb Healing
  • Connecting to Goddess Energy with Crystals
  • Crystal Meditation and Journaling
  • Crystals + New Moon:Intention Setting + Manifestation
  • Crystals + Full Moon: Releasing + Celebrating


    Tier 3 is $30/month










Tier 4 Intuitive Development Enhancement

This TIER will be Open in JANUARY 2023.
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Ascend's Intuitive Development Enhancement offering includes an extended version of my extremely popular Core Skills class with video exercises and downloads as well as a home practice guide.

Also Included are Intuitive Development Circle, resources and other class and product discounts.


  • Core Skills for Empaths, Intuitives, Healers, & Mediums 1 hr, 1x per month (Pre-recorded Class).
  • Intuitive Development Circle 1 hr, 1x per month
  • Downloadable and Video Resources
  • Discounts on our services, class offerings that are not a part of Patreon and online shop purchases.

** View individual class details under Class Descriptions below.

Tier 4 is $25. per month.









What people have to say. Testimonials + Reviews

The Testimonials and Reviews are from FB and other media. Some are comments, some are reviews, some arrived in emails. I am moved, honored and grateful for such beautiful messages.

"When I scheduled this appointment, I did hope to find relief and a reset of my energy and emotional body. But I did not expect to have such an

overall positive experience with the effects lasting so long afterwards." 

I was experiencing a period of stress and deep sorrow after the passing of a family member that I was very close with. I contacted Alexis for a healing energy session to assist with grounding and hopefully a release of stress/tension. When I arrived, Alexis talked me through the process and asked me to choose from a variety of stones that felt right to me that would be placed on my chakras and asked me about scents. I got comfortable on the table and closed my eyes. The stones were carefully placed on my chakras. There was deep wave music playing, that I found very, very relaxing and she walked me through a quick relaxation visualization as we started. During the session I found myself deeply relaxed and I could barely tell what was happening around me. I know that there was some movement as tuning forks were being utilized, as well as musical bowls above me and around the areas of my chakras. When the bowls were vibrating near my head and throat the feeling was a positive wave of energy tuning into me and a release of the sadness and heaviness I was carrying. The light scent came through during the session as well, and although it was not like any scent I had smelled before, it was beautiful and lifted my spirits. When the session was ending I had no sense of how much time had passed and when I sat up I felt incredibly relaxed, light and tingly. Alexis took time to talk with me quietly about the experience from her perspective and provided tremendous insight regarding where energy was holding up within me, where my power was and how to calm it down or utilize it when needed. She also showed me the tools that she used to cut energy that was attached to me away. Which explained why I was feeling so much lighter and free from the burden that I was carrying when I arrived. I immediately felt more like “me” than I had in a long time. That evening when I went home and slept, I was able to fall quickly into sleep and when I awoke, I felt refreshed and energetic, like I had slept for years instead of only hours. I was surprised when I checked my sleep tracker to see that I had obtained nearly 2 hours in the deep sleep state. Typically, regardless of how many hours I am in bed sleeping, I get about 40-50 minutes of deep sleep a day at best, sometimes as little as 15 minutes. I continued to sleep deep and restful for many days after the session. When I scheduled this appointment, I did hope to find relief and a reset of my energy and emotional body. But I did not expect to have such an overall positive experience with the effects lasting so long afterwards. I plan on scheduling another energy session, as it has been 4 months, and I honestly am still feeling surprisingly good. I have since been recommending this treatment to others and even bringing friends to Alexis for the service. What a beautiful gift and offering she is bringing to those who want to experience it.  

-Sharnel C.

Class Descriptions

Core Skills for Empaths, Healers, Intuitives & Mediums

In this Class we will focus on connecting with your natural abilities. You will learn skills such as the sitting in your power, knowing your power vs others, how to protect yourself energetically, exploring the Clairs, better understanding your connection, managing your skills as well as get involved in group exercises to enhance your intuitive abilities in order to connect with your Higher Self, Guides and Spirit. Each week we explore a new topic.

This Class is available in a pre-recorded format only at this time.

CLASS Topics:
Energy, Power, Protection.

Symbols, Numbers, Colors.
The Clairs
Aura Reading, Affirmations, opening of the third eye.
Enhancing Your Spiritual Awareness: Connecting with Your Guides.
A Brief Intro to Crystals.
Tools and how to work with them (Runes, Pendulum, Lithomancy, Tarot and more.)


Spiritual Cafe / Talk Group

Welcome All To Spiritual Cafe, an open group for like minded people. Having an awakening? Experiencing intuitive or empathic overload, Starseed experiences, etc., and have some questions? Looking for answers or seeking guidance? Experienced the paranormal and just want to talk about it?

Join us for an open spiritual discussion, BYOTQE (Bring your own Topics + Questions + Experience).


Intuitive Development Circle

In Circle we explore a variety of hands on exercises embracing your intuition, energy work, and tools. Circle begins with a short meditation and end with practicing our skills through giving readings! YUP! Everyone gives and gets readings! Exercises may be energy work, working on Clairs, practicing Tarot, Chakra Balancing, Crystals, and Sound healing demos and more! Always tons of fun!



Explore the Tarot Circle

In this class we will explore a variety of decks from old to new as well as oracle cards. From spreads to divination, sharing and practice. Bring your cards! Great for beginners through experienced Tarot Masters. Come for the practice, the sharing, or the readings!

Activate Your Intuition with Crystals

Explore how adding crystals to your daily practices can activate and enhance your intuition. We will work with different crystal based on different practices and intentions and help you to truly awaken your natural soul gifts...your intuition.
Workshop includes pdfs for download, exercises, charts, group activities, guided meditation to activate your intuition and receive downloads as well as practice circle.


Crystals + The Clairs

Discover which of the clairs is the most active for you and how to increase and manage all of the clairs enhancing your intuitive abilities.

In this workshop we will explore the following clairs:
Clairvoyance- "clear seeing/vision"
Clairaudience- "clear hearing"
Clairsentience- "clear feeling" (energy and emotions)
Claircognizance- "clear knowing"
Clairalience- intuitive sense of smell
Clairgustance-" intuitive sense of taste

with exercises, crystals, sound and guided meditation followed by a practice circle. PDF downloads included.


Womb Healing: A Crystal, Healing + Meditation Workshop.

Womb healing has been used for centuries by medicine women, shamans, and priestesses as a form of health care. It helps to reawaken the womb by connecting women to their true source of healing, love, creativity and sensuality and releasing that which is no longer needed. This workshop includes a guided deep dive into healing the scars that have been left behind by traumas, relationships, sexual encounters, social conditioning, divorce, self identity, and so much more. The process includes various modalities of healing like sound and vibrational medicine, crystals, herbal remedies, and reiki designed to restore the absolute truest sense of self and restores the spirit all women. Womb healing is not specific to only women who have physical womb, it’s for ALL women including those who identify as women.

Connecting with Goddess Energy: A Crystal + Meditation Workshop

Embark on a journey to connect with Divine Goddess Energy with crystals and sound to amplify the experience.

Hands on workshop for exploring your connect to your inner Goddess.
Recommend a journal for the session.


Crystal Meditation + Journaling

This class is a combination of relaxing meditation and free-form drawing and journaling. Great for discovering the connection between self awareness and the creative process. We focus on guided meditation with music to bring you into a deeper trance like state after which we explore self discovery vision and experiences through painting. An inspirational and unique experience in self-therapy you won't forget.

Crystals + Full Moon: Releasing + Celebrating

In this class, we will go over the methods for ritual, answer questions, and go through the process of writing affirmations (or have them prepared beforehand) and going through the motions of the ritual from connecting to the energies, invoking protection, meditation, performing a crystal grid full moon releasing ceremony, movement, and more.

The class also includes a downloadable crystal grid for the Full Moon, a Chakra food chart, and a list of herbs and other items associated with the ritual. This class is a mini-workshop to take you through the paces of release during the Full moon and to learn to tackle the energies of each Full Moon before it is upon you.

Crystals + New Moon: Intention Setting + Manifestation

The new moon is a blank page, a fresh start, a moment to turn inward and consider what we want to call into our lives and what we need to let go of. It’s indeed a time for rest and reflection, new beginnings, and asking for what you want.

Enjoy an evening of connection to the source energy you feel supports you the most: guides, angels, or any other divine connection. In this Mini-Workshop/Ritual/Ceremony we explore things in your life you wish to call in and or manifest.

In this class, we will discuss aspects of cleansing yourself (food, water, bathing, herbs, elixirs) and your space for the ritual, building your altar, work on intention setting and manifestation planning for the cycle (worksheet included) building a new moon crystal grid, a crystal mediation for setting intention and manifestation and performing the ceremony/ritual. Informative and tons of fun!

Crystal Grid Ceremony Series

Come and enjoy an evening workshop + crystal grid ceremony featuring different focus/topics each month. The first of this series is a self-love hands-on class with a crystal grid ceremony and meditation to increase the awareness within yourself of self-love and remove any energies that are no longer serving you.

There are downloads and hands-on exercises.

Soul Together: Group Sound, Crystal + Reiki Healing, Guided Meditation session

This class is a group guided meditation with Reiki, Crystal & Sound group healing. We take you through different stages of relaxation invoking peace and allowing your body to accept the healing. You will feel deeply relaxed, balanced and calm. A truly wonderful experience. Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Bells, Crystal Grids and scent make the journey a dreamy delight.

Crystals, Menstruation + The Moon

This class utilizes an ebook I wrote last year on this very topic. The class will discuss the phases of the moon and how they effect our monthly cycles, crystals, herbs, yoga poses, and more to help aid you in your monthly cycle. ebook includes tracking calendar, notes page and de-stress color pages as well as motivational printable pages. Learn, track, heal. Ease the flow and flow forward...

Awakend Path

The goal of this class is to inspire living an awakened life through following daily practices that open and advance your intuitive skills, soul awareness, inner and auric power, how to stay balanced in a busy unbalanced world, and ability to communicate with the one creator- our true self. If you have awakened and feel a bit lost, if you are awakened and want "more" and if you are one who is just wanting to learn how to connect and live a connected life this is the perfect class for you!



The Pineal Gland and the Piezoelectric Effect

We will discuss the make-up, function, effects, and power of the pineal gland (or third eye) and the piezoelectric effect. We will cover history around the pineal gland and how to decalcify your pineal gland and exercises to activate it.

This class pairs well with Awakening Path.



Evidential Mediumship Circle

Held in the traditional (old school) method of mediumship, mediums attending should plan to attend regularly- this is a commitment, readers (people coming for a mediumship sitting) may come one time or every time.