Ascend Monthly Healing & Tarot Reading Memberships

Tier 1:
Guidance Membership $10/mo

- Weekly Card Guidance - Each Monday I will pull 1-3 cards and provide guidance for the week ahead for the group. (video)

- Intuitive Photo + Card Reading on our private FB group 1x per month. Upload a selfie (in the moment) to the FB group and get an intuitive, aura, and 1 card personal reading.

- Group full moon reading and energy report

- Group New moon reading and energy report

- Discounts on our services, classes and online store included

Tier 2:
Healing Membership $25/mo

- Crystal Rx (monthly crystal prescription)- Each month I will feature three crystals and a chakra focus for the month in a video recording explaining the energies of each and how to work with them throughout the month.

- Daily Healing Energy & Crystal Grid Who couldn't use a daily energy healing? I will work with Reiki, crystal grids, sound, & written word, sending energy to the grid and out to members daily.
I begin by determining the month's intention for the grid, add members names to the "wall" placed above the grid location, then begin building the grid. Once the grid is in place I will perform an energetic ceremony sending energy to the grid which in turn is directed to all members. Energy is boosted each day and at the end of the month, we discuss in the live Q and A session.

- Group Distance Healing- At a specific time and day each month I will perform a live Reiki, Crystal, and Sound healing distance healing. Each month the focus will be different such as transmuting body shield, Heart Healing, Cosmic connection, connecting with guides, Crystal Fusion relaxation therapy, reiki, crystal grids, etc). Performed live and recorded or the group.

- Monthly energy-focused movement &/or guided meditation- video. Energy work based on Qi Gong and other energy practices to work on healing the body included guided meditations for chakra balancing, aura clearing, connecting, and more.

- Q and A Open Discuss chat 1x per month in FB or Zoom Room
- Discounts on our services and online store included

Tier 3:
Guidance + Healing $30/mo

-All of Tier 1
-All of Tier 2
-Discounts: Includes services, online store and class discounts.