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Discover your true self through the art of healing & intuitive Development.

Ascend Class Schedule

Please keep an eye on the calendar for scheduling. Many of our classes will be moved to Patreon. I am am putting together affordable class packages for as low as $15/month and you can stop any time without any hassle.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Click here to see Ascend's Facebook Page. Don't forget to "Like" us! Our facebook page is a great community space for sharing information, getting deals on our services, products, seeing new products there first, as well participate in free live events, pull a card readings and more.

Ascend FB Groups:

Sac-Placer 2020 Awakening for People Awake or Awakening that would like a safe place to talk and learn. From SSP to Ascension we have you covered!

Ascend Tarot Readings + Intuitive Guidance- our longest standing group for readings.

Ascend Healing Arts Student Group this group is for our students who are signed up for classes that HAVE live q and a session only.

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