Allow yourself to heal and ascend through meditation and healing

Meditation & Healing Classes

Ascend offers a variety of classes in Roseville Ca as well as online via Zoom and online classes (pre-recorded). Below you will find class descriptions for each of our meditation and healing classes.

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Please feel free to contact us should you like to have us hold a private or private group class or party.

Professional Crystal Healing Certification Course

This class is a Crystal Healing Professional Certification Course. If you are looking to work as a crystal healing practitioner this is the class for you. It is a 6-week course covering many topics from "the science" through treatment. Each class is 2 hrs.


Course Fee: $850

Can be paid in full or in payments as follows:
$170 due prior to the first class and 136 due at the time of or prior to each class.

Self-Love: Crystal Grid Ceremony

Come and enjoy an evening event of Self Love. This is a self-love hands-on class with a crystal grid ceremony and meditation to increase the awareness within yourself of self-love and remove any energies that are no longer serving you.

There are downloads and hands-on exercises.

* You may want to bring a journal.


Next Class March 26th, 2020

Limited to 6 spots available.

* Always check the class calendar

Soul Together

This class is a group guided meditation with Reiki, Crystal & Sound group healing. We take you through different stages of relaxation invoking peace and allowing your body to accept the healing. You will feel deeply relaxed, balanced and calm. A truly wonderful experience. Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Bells, Crystal Grids and scent make the journey a dreamy delight.

Come in comfy clothes and bring a mat.


Full Moon: Releasing + Celebrating

A full moon ritual is simply connecting with yourself, your guides, inner being, nature, or whatever it is that lights you up. It’s a night of celebration, gratitude and releasing.

Working with the ebb and flow of the moon cycles we together will enjoy releasing or setting intention with a crystal grid ceremony, thoughtful written exercises, mediation and more.




Group Past Life Regressions

March 19,2020

* Always check the current class calendar

The benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) extend far beyond the clearing of current emotions, karma or symptoms. Healing can occur on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual – as the insights and understanding gained from this transformative technique offer great wisdom in regards to how you see yourself and your life. Whether you would like to explore where symptoms in this life may have come from, ancestral karma, fears or whether you are just curious, there are many blessings awaiting you when you experience PLR. We offer one on one and group sessions.

Guided Meditations + Messages

We offer a series of guided meditations from chakra awareness, higher self, guides and Ascended Master communication to ascension preparation. We also have guided meditation for simply deep relaxation. Check our Calendar and explore within with us.

Saturday Morning Meditation + Messages:

Come and join us for a peaceful meditation gathering. Be gently guided within. Meditate to peaceful music, live crystal, and Tibetan bowls, as you are guided deeper to receive the benefits of finding that moment in the stillness. Connect, relax and rejuvenate for the day ahead. Discussion after meditation.


* Always check the current class schedule

New Moon: Clearing + Manifestation

The new moon is a blank page, a fresh start, a moment to turn inward and consider what we want to call into our lives and what we need to let go of. It’s indeed a time for rest and reflection.

Come and enjoy an evening of connection to the source energy you feel supports you the most: guides, angels, or any other divine connection. As we explore things in your life you either wish to call in or are ready to release. We will explore this and more in our New Moon Clearing + Manifesting ceremony + meditation. Features a written exercise, a crystal grid, moon mist gem elixir mystical spray, ceremony, + meditation.

* You may want to bring a journal for your messages, inspirations, and goals.


Reiki 1

This course is intended for those new to Reiki or for individuals who want to take their practice to the next level. By learning and understanding this course material, students will have the opportunity to heal and grow. Reiki I of course is pre-requisite to Reiki II and Master Teacher Levels. Includes first attunement, tons of materials.

This is an online go at your own pace class with elective meetups/Zoom for practice.