Meditation Journeying + Messages: Class 2

Third Eye Exercise

You will need a natural clear quartz point for this exercise. It does not have to be big. If you only have a cut and polished point at this time, thats fine to use but you will want to re-do at another time with a natural clear quartz point.

Clearing the Ear Chakras

<--This video is mostly informational but it gives instructions on how to clear the ear Chakras in the beginning. You will want to stop after listening to the video and do the ear clearing exercise as often as you like!

Connecting with your Master Guide

Connecting to your Master Guide part 1.
** THIS IS AUDIO ONLY with a static graphic.

Includes short version of the opening incantation invoking your guide, sitting in your power, sensing your guides in your energy field and asking questions to learn about them and open communication and creating a relationship with them.

Connecting with Universal Energy

<--Short intro and meditation journey for connecting to Universal Energy.


Core Skills Class 1: Energy, Power, Protection

BONUS & Homework:
Core Skills for Empaths, Intuitives, Healers and Mediums.
This class will give you information and exercises and is an excellent enhancement to our Meditation Journeying class. You do not want to skip it...and its your homework!

Class 2 Resources