What to Expect In a Healing Treatment

Discover your true self through the natural art of healing.

About Our Healing Sessions

We offer a number of different treatments using Reiki, Sound, and Crystals either in combination or each on their own. Read more below.



Reiki, a form of alternative medicine, is a complementary non-invasive health approach in which the practitioner places their hands just above the fully clothed recipient, with the goal of facilitating the person's own healing response.

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Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing. That is, it treats the whole person and their integrated energy system. It is therapeutic and deeply relaxing. Crystals absorb, focus, direct, detoxify, shift and diffuse energy as they interact with the electromagnetic forces and subtle vibrations within the subtle human or environmental energy field. Healing means bringing mind, body, spirit, and environment back into harmony, restoring the body’s natural rhythm and equilibrium. It does not imply a cure.

What to Expect in a Session.

We offer a number of different treatments using Reiki, Sound, and Crystals either in combination or each on their own. Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to fill out an intake form & questionnaire. You can download & print it or fill it out online. Sessions are fully clothed and non-touch. If using Crystals we will have you place them where instructed or we will place them near or on the body without touching the body. Once you arrive we will review the intake form with you, explain what we recommend and how the session will proceed. We talk you through parts of the session so you will never be wondering what is next. The session takes place on a massage table with a pillow, blanket, & cushion for under your knees. We let you know when the session is coming to a close & guide you back from deep relaxation. We provide you with water and we will have a post-treatment discussion to answer any questions you may have at the time.

Sessions may include:
Essential oils
A crystal grid (vibrational energy)
Crystal bowls & bells (sound therapy)
Vibrational Chakra Tuning (sound therapy)
Color Therapy
All sessions have calming theta state inducing Reiki meditation music.

Add-on Services
Below you will see we list "add-on" services. As your body becomes more able to maintain stability between sessions we can begin to add on different treatments depending on your needs, goals, or wishing.