Crystals for House Protection, Crystal Rx bag for House Protection

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Our Crystal Rx bag (mojo bag, Crystal Protection kit) for Home Protection is designed to bring you a few powerful crystals to assist in protecting the energies in your home. Below is information on how to place them around the home.

Amethyst- Defines the boundaries, reduces anxiety, brings a sense of control and assertion of authority. Keep in the living room.

Black tourmaline- draws shutters down marking a clear division between the home and the neighbors. Place at the thresholds of all doors.

Citrine- place in the rear left side of the house to attract wealth and happiness.

Rose quartz- place in the heart of the home ensuring peaceful, loving and harmonious environment.

**Stones are standard small tumbles in size. All picks are random. 

*crystal prescription/healing gemstones/talisman jewelry interpretations are not medical cures, advise, or remedies, they are based on interpretation of energy properties of the individual stones and are subject to interpretation.

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