Large Sacred Geometry Decals Sacred Geometry Decal Sets

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Options: Holographic Set
Individual Decals: Metatron's Cube
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Set of 4 large Sacred Geometry decals. Each set includes 1-Metatron's cube, 1-Seed of Life, 1-Flower of Life, 1-Sri Yantra all the same color. Please select your color when ordering.

These decals are 4.56”x 4.57”

These decals are made of adhesive vinyl, they can be removed but not reused and may vary slightly in size based on the individual designs. This is not a sticker and does not come with a background. Colors may appear slightly different than what is seen on the monitor. Not recommended for placement on hot mugs or anything that will "get hot". Hand wash only. Hand-made product. Holographic designs are NOT recommended for use on car windows.

Application Instructions included

Some suggested uses- Computers, cold water bottles, flat wall surfaces, sanded and stained/sealed wood, plexiglass or plastic, tablets, cold drink glasses, to name a few. Please use product at your own discretion.

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