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This Cosmic Layers Orgone Pyramid is one in our series of Galactic-inspired Orgones. An excellent tool for working with star seed connections and galactic memory, in meditation as well as protection in the face of nighttime visitations.

Orgone Pyramids are good for those looking to retune the Orgone Energy in their home or any space. These Pyramids are built in line with the science behind how Orgone Energy works. Often, organic materials are used to attract and hold the energy (typically resin) and then non-organic materials (like metal shavings) are used to simultaneously attract and repel the energy. Orgone energy is similar to what the ancients have called prana, chi, or universal energy

As all this energy is being pulled and pushed it creates a charge or scrubbing action which cleanses and shakes the stagnancy from the energy and turns the negative into something positive. In short, these Orgone devices work as a filter system for energy. The Pyramid is also the perfect filter shape as it has space and shape to effectively work those cleaning powers. It simultaneously stays balanced and grounded while being connected to higher potential and the universe.

They also can include crystals to up their energetic power amplifying the healing properties of the crystals they contain as the crystal matrix is locked in an amplified state of its own frequency. This combination creates a high-frequency output and a negative-frequency filter.

Excellent to have in front of your computer, tv, washing machine, etc anywhere around your home or office for EMF protection and orgone energy transmutation.

When orgone is within range of a source of negative energy (like electromagnetic frequencies—EMFs), it will efficiently and continuously transform it into positive energy.

They are also good for:
Setting intention|
Carry with you to ward off negative energies and to transmute to positive.

Size: 1.75x2"
Weight: 43g
Materials: Copper, Sea salt/salt mixture
High-grade metal particles
Obsidian and or black tourmaline (may or may not be visible)
Pigment and or dye. 

Heart and Throat Chakra.

Price: $16.50

* You receive the exact item pictured.

Handcrafted by artist Monica Clark for Ascend Healing Arts +. Mystical Gifts.

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