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Looking to deepen your Cosmic Connection? This unique layout incorporates Moldavite & tektites and/or other meteorites. Even those who have a hard time sensing crystal energies, quite often sense the energy of Moldavite due to its extraterrestrial origin. This layout is the one to choose if you’re looking to make a connection to other worlds or to the Cosmos, raise your vibration levels, encourage spiritual awareness; a celestial "stone of transformation”, Moldavite can assist us in activating our higher chakras, psychic senses & spiritual gifts.

This session features Moldavite gem aromatherapy spray as well as ethereal cosmic meditation music.

CAUTION: This crystal body layout is not recommended for those overly sensitive to crystal energies or for those new to energy work.

On its own: 30 minutes $40

As an add-on to a Crystal Reiki and Sound Therapy session: $25.

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