Spiritual Wellness Coaching for Awakening and Ascension.

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The events we are seeing unfold in the world today and/or within one's self during an awakening can be very trying especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the full scope of what is going on in the world and within yourself.

It is time to surrender to the journey and allow yourself to engage the true you. Spiritual Wellness Coaching can help you through these tumultuous times.

Spiritual wellness coaching takes a deep dive into aiding you to explore your awakening or ascension process without leaving you feeling lost in the constant bombardment of information. Waking to the truth can be extremely emotional and difficult to digest. We will explore topics one at a time based on what is relevant to your current experience and help you to develop the skills to anchor in the light and embrace the true sovereign being that you are.

I am here to help you make deeper connections by better understanding and delving into understanding Ancient Mystery/Ascension teachings including the true history of the planet(s), the universe, and its beings as well as being-ness. 

    I will provide tools and discipline practices to assist you as you evolve into living your true self, in an awakening world, or your current ascending state on your evolutionary path.

    In Spiritual Wellness Coaching we understand that we are more than our physical bodies. We are sovereign beings of divine light who are here to fulfill a sacred purpose. Whether you are Awake, Awakening, or working towards Ascension I can work with you to make your journey a more comfortable one.


    15-minutes Checkin: $30.
    65 minute session: $65.

    **Available via Zoom at this time.

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