Turquoise and Emerald Heady Style Wire Weave Pendant

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This piece is made with two natural Turquoise  and four rough emerald tiny beads, layered in woven copper wire. 

Size: 2" L x approx 1" at the widest point.

Turquoise, the stone of the ancients, represents wisdom, tranquility, protection, good fortune, and hope. Ancient peoples believed in its profound power to protect, as well as its tranquil energy and its association with enduring love.

Emerald has been known as a symbol of truth and love. In ancient Greece and Rome, emerald was said to be the gemstone of the goddess Venus, purveyor of love and hope. Emeralds were believed by the Egyptians to be a source of eternal life.

*crystal prescription/healing gemstones/talisman jewelry interpretations are not medical cures, advise, or remedies, they are based on interpretation of energy properties of the individual stones and are subject to interpretation.

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