A Clear Path. Thoth Trance Teachings.

A Clear Path. Thoth Trance Teachings.

As I slipped into a warm bath, filled with lush bubbles, a bath mix of clays, salts, flowers, herbs, and crystals, I entered into a state of peace. Lying there in the warm healing water I went within and activated my chakras. Seeing and feeling the energy and colors surround me and fill the room, connecting me as above so below. Focusing the energies and colors into a solid beam and traveling along it. Moving quickly now, calmness and peace fill my mind, body, and spirit. It's a familiar journey.

I arrived at, what I think of as "the place of stillness" where I often hike to meditate, here in this realm. I kept glitching back and forth between there and back in my body, here in my bath. There, on the hillside above the ravine, in my place of stillness, is Thoth. I am, as always, happy to see him.  "Easy child," he said, "focus, stay here with me now." He was, of course, referring to my glitching back and forth.

He was seated on the grassy hillside, overlooking a magnificent view of the ravine. It is heavily forested here, and the air so clean and crisp.  I was standing, my chakras activating still as in my bath, I was both here and there. I too, looking out over the ravine. I felt him take my hand. "Let’s soar," he said and we did. I could feel the speed of the air as we passed through it at great speed. It was cold and swift yet peaceful and magnificent. We have done this before. I knew this very well. We circled around a few times, I felt him close, he said "Shall we?" and in that instant we were back on the hillside, both seated. Thoth says "good, you are holding strong, you are here and you are in your bath, there. See yourself there. Feel yourself here. Know you are here and there, fully. Remember." And I did. " Without actually switching back and forth I could consciously choose to "see" and sense myself back in my tub but truly understood I was completely there at the same time with my dear old friend.

"Just as you are here, fully aware, active, senses fully functioning, so are you there, lying still, deep in trace in your bath and so you are, in many other places, now and at all time. This is how we travel, as you have traveled many times before. Remember." Remember was a statement not a question. It was a jarring of my memories.

I understood. I could see all he spoke of. I could completely feel and sense and experience there, where I was in that moment with him and I could turn inside as in mediation or intuitive focus and be in my bath, or anywhere I choose, in that very moment as well. I could see and be – everything.

We turned our gaze to a raven soaring over the ravine he said: "See as the raven sees, shift your gaze to his and see." And at that moment I could see the world coming at me fast, cold, movement of the air breaking around the raven's beak, crown, it beating across his wings. The world looked different. The Raven sees so many things I in my human body could not. We soar over the ravine, moving high and low, I see in bugs flying about in swarms and some alone. We move towards the treetops and swoop down towards the water. The clear, crisp sparkling flow of the water was hypnotic. 

A sense of joy warms me and I settle back into my spot on the hillside next to Thoth.  I take a deep breath savoring the experience, knowing I felt the Raven as himself and my self as one, I was "in his body "with" him but I was also "him".

Looking over my shoulder I notice a rabbit sitting just behind us and to the right and to the right of her I see a bobcat. "Go ahead," he said "move your awareness to see what they see, feel what they feel and know who they are. Remember doing this and know. When you are seeing from their eyes and feeling as they feel, you are experiencing yourself. The one, the all."

I recognize this as how I traveled from higher self to pure love in space in my near-death experiences. It is that ever haunting memory of,  'I think of a place and I am there' that I practiced as a young child and throughout my life. I still do this today. It's the source for my unplanned remote viewing. It is a skill we have lost or forgotten or that remains behind the veil for so many. We traveled to many places from the bunny to the stars, it was enlightening and inspiring. It was oneness. But in truth it was practice.

"Travel back now and remember I am always close." As I become aware of myself fully back in my body I feel two large winged bird-like beings on either side of me they are peaceful and beautiful and as I sense they are like warriors. And I hear Thoth say "know they are there always, as am I."

Some months back in the moments before sleep, I asked to be shown what I asked not to remember years before. For many years since my youth, I have experienced the unexplained from gifts to contactee experiences on a very very regular basis starting about age 5. Once I asked to remember, Thoth came to me, we sat on a large boulder in what seemed to be the open sky. We sat close as he told me "old friend, its time to remember, know I am here and have been for over 260 years. But do remember that you asked for it to stop and to forget, so be sure you are ready to return." Not sure what the 260-year reference is to as it seems it must have been much much longer. I feel this deep connection which I continue to explore. I am completely aware of all that came before or well in bits and pieces and I am fully aware of asking, no begging for it to stop and to forget. I no longer wish for that. 

The transmissions are getting stronger and the travel is very clear and easy. I am in full control of my sense but at a whole new level when I am "there" in that density with him. I attribute much of that to the ascension path.

To me, my path here is clear. To bring the path of ascension to all who are ready. To all who have been raising their vibration for years now and not sure where it leads and who are seeking and ask "what's next." To assist you in activation, the next step on the way to ascension.

Bring your resonance back into alignment with the Earth and follow the path of ascension to make the density shift to 4D. It has been said that we have over 360 senses of which we use 5-6. In the fourth density, we rise and experience abilities such as those described here and many more. Many of you utilize these skills already and are ready to begin the path of ascension and be who you really are. Are you ready? Rise.

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