9.20.19 Pick A Card Reading and Card Reveal

9.20.19 Pick A Card Reading and Card Reveal

Card #1 Page of Plumes (Reversed)
Position: Things moving away from your situation

This card reflects playing around with ideas, arguing for argument's sake, a bright person who may think they know better than everyone else, and maybe working with ideas in the abstract. In its reversed position, this card means the same as upright with a bit of a muted effect leaving this person as placing themselves in a not so pleasant or even dangerous position because they think they know more than they actually do.

Take time to reflect and be certain before acting out that you truly understand all angles in a situation. All will become clear and take a turn (upright) for the better.


Cared #2 Happy Squirrel
Position: Significator/Self

This card reflects the squirrel’s resourcefulness, mindfulness of the future and always saving away for that future, and so the card is at once both happiness and diligence. It’s whistling while you work. You can see the Squirrel is quite at ease with his third eye wide open and the infinity sign above his crown chakra. The is fully connected and in tune with his guidance. This Happy Squirrel is on the right path and life flows along easily. He knows he is in good hands and trusts his intuition to guide him flawlessly.



Card #3 The Five of Stones
Position: Moving away from your situation

The five of wands (Stones) is about butting heads and locking horns in a variety of ways. It could range from roughhousing and play fighting like young bucks do or more serious power struggles and territorial disputes.

It is not a sign of “mortal combat” though. The struggle or strife in this card may mean that someone is getting in your way as you try to accomplish a goal or maybe indulging in healthy competition. It's not a back against the wall situation bu a challenge you are up for.


You may be distracted by this and having a delay in a creative process or project that while your not paying attention can rattle to the foundation of your thought process or spirituality but its part of the path and process and you will grow stronger and more focused as a result of it.


Takeaways: A dispute about something small may be being blown out of proportion, inability to take criticism, refusing to listen to people who have a different idea. Take a deep breath, a step back, regroup and then make a new assessment or decision that better serves you. Be willing to learn from this experience.

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