New Moon in Capricorn & Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Dec 26 2019

New Moon in Capricorn & Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Dec 26 2019

New Moon in Capricorn & Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Dec 26 2019

The Solar eclipse on Dec. 26th 2019 comes only five days after the longest, “darkest” night of the Winter Solstice. For those in the Northern Hemisphere we will experience the energy of peak darkness. You may experience some physical effects such as disappointment due to experiencing little daylight or other effects associated with longer nights and less daylight, and others may welcome the slowing down and envelopment of the darkness, relishing the peace that comes with the cover of night. On a metaphysical note, this is a time where the material within our own Shadow self is being brought to the surface to experience review and healing

This event reminds us that when we set our higher selves to work at manifesting high vibrational relationships and experiences, the universe hears us. Many do not take the time to set their intentions and or maybe blocked and unable to go through the process. Know that this is a normal process, a yearly cleanse. Typically followed by the new year, a time to reflect and set new intentions. With each passing year, lessons/experiences, we strive to “change” or set out to live a new life. Know that with this event the gravity of the life review of the Winter Solstice is enhanced by the added element of the solar eclipse.

Solar Eclipses are associated with life-altering change that active your karmic density. With this solar eclipse set the tone for intention, for growth  and change in the new year. There is a lot of energy going on here between the eclipse, the eclipse being in Capricorn and it being a new moon. Relish in all it has to offer and dance in the spirit of its energies as you bring forth that which you intend to benefit from it.

Remember Solar eclipses are also known for bringing in an element of surprise and hidden opportunity.

Ritual: A Resolution Revolution.

Set intentions for the coming year that lighten your heart and fill you with excitement and joy.

Write down your first goal at the top of the page. Keep ti positive.  Take a look at how you word things. Does it need a change? For example: “Find a ______ I love” rather than “leave a _____I do not like” If your goal includes self care such as exercise don’t just say “start working out” SAY What you will do. I Will Start Practicing Meditation.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Where am I now?

Why does this goal inspire me?

What will it feel like when I achieve this goal?

How will achieving this goal help/support others?

What is the first step I can take towards my goal- make a plan of action!

What steps will I take- make a timeline?

Statement: I have already achieved my goal and it is right and perfect for me and those it supports in every way. (Say three times)

Now close your eyes and visualize yourself already having achieved your goals. Let all the feelings and emotions rise and fall. Set them aside. Repeat the exercise until you have 3 goals set for the coming year.

Take a moment to draw or doodle or collage what it looks or feels like to you as well.


More supportive Practices:

Salt of the Earth Bath

Take a salt bath with Himalayan salt crystals and Epsom salts, bergamot, frankincense and jasmine essential oils. Just put a couple of drops of each directly in the water and about a cup of Epsom salts and 1/4 c. of the Himalayan salts.

Place a ring of crystals and tumbled stones: Larimar, Clear quartz, selenite, ammonite, and rose quartz (any combo of these will do) around the top.

Write down on paper what you are releasing. Place that paper under a crystal on your altar or sacred space and then take the bath.

After your bath burn the paper (safely), like outdoors in a fire pit.

Crystal/Nature Circle
Make a circle of stones crystals, shells branches any item found in nature. Place your statement of release paper in a bowl, mini cauldron or fire pit –in the middle. State: Thank you for your service I release you now.”

Allow it to (safely) burn as you go within and feel the release.

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