Stages of the Self in this Human Experience

Stages of the Self in this Human Experience

This reading is from the pick a card on our facebook page for 1.6.2020 If you have not seen the post for that take a moment before reading on and sit back in your chair, take a few relaxing breaths, relax your face, your cheeks your eyes, let your tongue fall to rest in your mouth, relax your shoulders, your torso, your gut, relax your hips and your legs, feel your feet engaging the floor and feel the connection to Mother Earth. Take a moment to just relax. Then open your eyes and look at the photo below and see which card (1,2 or 3) resonates with you. The stones left to right in the photo are natural double terminated smokey quartz (Himalayan), Colla Wood (a petrified wood), and quartz with pyrite.

1.6.2020 Pick A Card Tarot Reading by Ascend Healing Arts and Mystical Gifts

Card # 1 Queen of Wands:

You are clear about who you are in most situations. This is a time where you have reached a high level of personal integrity in your societal/ human role in life.  And although you are content with your growth process you continue to grow and develop. This brings a feeling of maturity and confidence that radiates for all to see and feel as you function in your day to day role in life. Take advantage of having your "human life" so under control and allow yourself to further explore your spirituality. This card is in a position of something moving out of focus in your life. Since it is something you feel confident that you have under control- and you do, it is not something that you feel you need be overly concerned with or focus on- which is correct and a good thing. Honestly- "You got this" use it, its a strength.
Be sure to be getting enough outdoor time in nature. How are you eating? Try some citrus fruits. Maybe a cleanse. Focus now on taking things up a notch. If properly prepared you can take more spiritual steps in life towards ascension, higher density and vibrational shifts will come more easily to you at this stage in your time line.
Double Terminated Smokey Quartz:
Chakra: Root
Element: Earth
Physical: It offers spiritual protection from radiation, supports healing from sunburn, dispels the physical effects of negative energies.
Emotional: Helps spiritual people feel positively engaged with physical life.
Spiritual: protective and grounding, manifest the spiritual in the physical.
The perfect crystal for this card.

 Prince of Wands

This card is in a position of "the self" the significator, the focus and these are the qualities of this card, Focusing on the Self. This relates to focusing on the role you have chosen for yourself in life at this time. You are intently presenting a particular part of you to the world. This is a very "human/earth life" centered type of focus and one must be careful to not allow it to become self-centered in nature. Be sure to take time to step back and remember on a soul level who you truly are. You are determined to be that self that you are focused on presenting to the work. So again, don't get lost in it and forget who you are spiritual. When we become so focused on our human experience we start to behave in ways that are not healthy to our spirit and our spiritual nature. Though putting your best foot forward is not a bad thing, be sure it is fueled from the right source and energies. 

Element: Earth
Physical: Grounding, calming, ease anxiety and fear.
Emotional: Promotes mental clarity
Spiritual: Enhances psychic powers. Removes negativity.

Promotes abundance and prosperity.

Again you can see how the stone resonates so well with the card providing energetically just what one requires at this stage.

#3 Ace of Wands

It is said that the Aces hold all the magick of all the cards in its suit. It is the zero and the 1, the card outside the others and also the beginning. The Ace of Wands focus in on "A new identity." You are planting the seeds for a new, public identity. You are beginning to create a name for yourself or take on a new role in life.  The ace holds all existing potential not yet attached or anchored in the real world. This is something you may have passed up in your life when it has come to turn before. This could be an ancestral or DNA level cycle. Are you seizing this opportunity to bring into being that potential you have before you ready to seize or will you let it pass and continue on in the earthly fog? Prolonging the ancestral karmic dept or will you be the one to solve it, end it and move on. You have what it takes, take the leap, step out of your comfort zone and make this life change that will change your experiences for many lifetimes to come.

Pyrite with Quartz:

masculine energy, manifestation, action, vitality, will power, creativity, confidence
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Element: Earth
Physical: Supports infection
Emotional: Encourages mastering fear and taking assertive action
Spiritual: Promotes a positive attitude and strong resolve, banishes negativity.

Clear quartz demonstrates exceptional programmability, amplification of one's intention, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, healing, and memory. It resonates with all Chakras, Its element is Storm and it offers support for the nervous system and can be programmed to assist any type of healing. Emotionally it can be used to intensify feelings and or heal the emotional body, it enhances one's clarity on a spiritual level and aids in communication with spirit.

1.6.2020 Tarot Reading and Card Reveal

The Suit of Wands

We can not overlook that these cards are all so closely related in terms of what they bring to the table at various levels or stages of development in this human experience. The suit of wands appearing in all three cards in each position and so well balanced with their crystals can not be overlooked.  Wands represent the growth and awareness of the self and all its potential. The identity and ego are involved in the process of truly naming the self. With Wands, you are concerned with discovering your true self, apart from others. You are exploring who you are, alone, individually. You are sensing your own personal direction. You are naming the role you want to play and the hats you want to wear. 

Wands upright refer to the self you are presenting to the world (all cards in this spread are upright) the public self, the role everyone sees you playing and the way others view you.

Another thing to keep in mind, we are here this day in January of 2020. This is a huge new beginning energetically. These cards can represent where you are in the timeline of spiritual ascension. Are you so absorbed in the human experience that you are not quite ready to raise your vibration enough for ascension into 4th or 5thd? Or are are you right there and so completely comfortable in your human experience and comfortable and confident enough to step a few feet above ground through astral projection, multi-dimensional travel or mediation. Have you been raising your vibration for years now and starting to wonder what is next? Watch for upcoming articles and feel free to ask questions as we move on to explore how to prepare for ascension and the energetic shift to 4D and 5th D.  

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