The OA

The OA

I started watching the OA on Netflix recently. I started and stopped a few times as I was running it while cabbing some stones and well that didn’t really work out too well with the sound of grinding stone against metal drowning out the sound of the TV. I put it on again another time when I was wire wrapping a stone I had just finished, it got my attention but by the second episode I was a little creeped out having experienced a situation in my life of captivity and it was hitting just a little too close for comfort. I got myself to take another look and by episode 3 I thought this is completely bizarre, not only does it touch on one very painful experience in my life but here we are with another, an NDE. I have not had one but two NDE experiences.

The first NDE was when I was in my early 20’s. I was about 89 lbs and 12% body fat at the time and went into the hospital for a laparoscopy. Exploratory same day surgery no big deal. Hmmm well, that didn’t work out too well. Apparently, they gave me too much anesthesia and I was gone. I remember being in the ICU, but I was behind the glass in the nurse's station somewhere around the ceiling, observing my body motionless in the bed. The nurses were complaining about my mom calling every 15 minutes and “why didn’t she just come down here.” Well, deary, perhaps its because she lives in another state and this was supposed to be a same day in and out exploratory no big deal procedure! In any case, in comes the beeping monitors going off, grumpy and chubby got up and ran to my bedside. I looked around me, darkness, not frightening though, it felt great, light, free of the boundaries of the body, no pain, joyous. I felt energy beings approaching me, I felt I knew them, I hadn’t quite started to remember, I looked “behind” me and I saw a light – yes the “light” in the distance, bright soothing, calling. The entities- three of them now closer to me, close to me, surround me,  I hear them like whispering chit chit chit chit chit chit, back and forth like in stereo I feel myself lowering getting closer to the body in the room below, I hear them on all sides of me as we, yes “we” enter back into the body. The father, the son and holy ghost. The all that is, prana and me. It was painful- no excruciating as I/we snap back into the confinement of the body. There I was back in the “bio suit” that our light-energy-soul being is born into in order to learn how to use it-the human body. The nurses or doctor or I have no idea who, have now used the “paddles” and I am choking on a tube that is down my throat. They are talking still scrambling and instructing me to breath through my nose. F*@! I am back in the confines of my bio body. Still, I lay there, deep in thought, observing all of my surroundings. I still hear all three voices, but they are slowly fading, but ever present.

Once everything calmed down and the dynamic duo are checking machines/vitals etc,  they take out the tube in my throat. Ugh, horrible painful, miserable all the things I had left behind, my bio-body is now once again translating every scent, touch, sound etc so that my soul can experience it. Whose idea was THIS? Ok yea take me from bliss and throw me straight into hell… sigh, I can’t really talk quite yet, the pain in my throat is just too much. They give me small sips of water- great thanks Grumpy. Chubby is still coiling cords and moving things about the room and writing on my chart. When I was able to speak every so slightly I said. “Maybe you should be more kind, my mother lives in another state and had no idea you were going to kill me here today if she had I assure you she would have flown in in advance for the event.” Chubby and grumpy stood completely motionless, Chubby said: “but…how…” Grumpy “oh dear God.”  Yes that's right ladies, I heard you. I was right there over your heads. If you had just bitched a few minutes longer I may not be back in this sorry place once again.

But there is more to all of this. A lot more. And it does coincide with The OA, though it may seem I have gotten off track with that, I will get back around to it. I find I am spending a lot of my days and nights observing the world and all in it from a completely different set of eyes, set of being, knowing, understanding and I want so much to show you. Open your eyes. For now, find a moment and place to sit still, close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it all out then breath normally, observing your breath…go inside…feel the real you, yes you are in there, feel it, feel the boundaries of the human body and be with you. Listen and learn who you truly are. The answers are there.

More to come…Namaste.

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