Don't Let it Rule You. Tips for Mercury in Retrograde

Don't Let it Rule You. Tips for Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury is the planet of thoughts, details, communication, and short-distance travel, and it influences what happens in our immediate environment. When retrograde, these things that Mercury rules can go haywire, causing more confusion, miscommunication, and mishaps than usual. 


Here are some things to be mindful about during this event:

1. Communicate Clearly- in all areas, important conversations, emails, letters/mail.

2. Back up your data, electronics and mercury have a “thing” the planet goes retrograde and it can spin operating systems of these devices out of whack…why risk it? Back it up!

3. Stay Strong. Lots of people will be barking about mercury in retrograde and how badly it is affecting them,  check in with how you are feeling be sure to stay true to your strengths and not follow the crowd into the mayhem of the moment.

4. Random Weirdness of others- Since many may be weak under the influence of Mercury in retrograde, don’t let random weird behavior from others upset you. Let it go, let it pass. They may need some guidance on staying tough during this time as well.

5. Contemplate big decisions. This is not typically a great time to sign contracts or make life-changing decisions. Mercury in retrograde is a good time to go over things and review the details and be sure to not have missed anything before moving forward on some of these big decisions.

6. Revisiting the happiness in love and relationships.  Remember this love in all its glory, explore in meditation and moments with others, and just how valuable and truly loving and supportive these relationships are. Plan time with loved ones, plan a family gathering. Stay peaceful, mindful and supportive if they are experiencing some of the chaos.

7. Reclaim your power. By being conscious of Mercury in Retrograde, knowing its coming, knowing when its here, and allowing yourself to explore the emotions and mayhem it brings and being able to let it go, knowing that you have the ability to own your power and direct it back to where it needs to be.

8. Be more flexible. Allow yourself more time to do things, Use this time to finish processing unresolved things that may have been lingering.

Try some of the following tools and practices to aid in all the recommendations above.

Crystals For Mercury in Retrograde

Black Tourmaline– let go of chaotic energy, fears and anxiety. Black tourmaline also offers strong protective energies to help you feel safe and secure during this time.

Hematite– super great grounding crystal. Hematite will pull negative energies from your body, carry it in your pocket or where it as a piece of jewelry this stone will keep you grounded pulling your energies down to the earth allowing you to be centered and comfortable in your thoughts and thought processes.

Tree Agate– The energy of this stone will help to make you feel supported and nurtured. It is calming positive earth energy and you find yourself welcoming it during these times.

Fluorite- Talk about releasing stress and anxiety, Fluorite is said to emit peace and harmony, it will pull and neutralize negative energy bringing harmony in its place.

Indigo Gabbro- this is a stone of focus. It will aid in putting things into perspective. Recalling memories or old patterns that you maybe don’t allow yourself to “see.”

Amazonite– This stone will help to keep you calm, surround you with calming energies that will allow you to communicate more clearly. Super great stone for stress and anxiety.

Quartz Crystal– clarity, focus, amplification of energies. Being very mindful when using clear quartz during hectic times, I recommend using with either the fluorite or ammonite for mercury in retrograde and not clear quartz on its own as it amplifies energies, allow it to sit with one of these other calming grounding stones so that it amplifies THEIR energy in your aid. Quartz brings focus and clarity, helps to remove blockages in your path…when used correctly.

Being in balance is vital to your wellbeing. Mercuries message is “slow down” It reminds us to communicate clearly, and be extra cautious in big decisions during this time. Remember and embrace the love and joy in your life and not to let others who are less prepared and effected influence or offend you. Take the time to take care of yourself remain grounded and balanced, harmonies and peaceful.

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