Resolution, Letting Go, Growth, and Renewal.

Resolution, Letting Go, Growth, and Renewal.

This reading is for the week of 7.16.19. With the coming full moon and partial eclipse, one may experience emotional change. How you direct that change is up to you. The reading very well reflects this aspect, whether you selected one card on the Facebook Post or here, or whether you choose the entire read for the week you will find all of the cards fit nicely with this moon/eclipse energy. Feel free to leave a comment. Let us know if this reading resonates with you. If you would like a private reading please click here to view our offerings.


The Sun Reversed:

You may be experiencing a time of rekindled enthusiasm. You are making adjustments in your self, based on past experiences. You feel that you are basically fine the way you are with a few minor changes. You may be discovering new ways of expressing old feelings or putting a new look on your resent “self.” You do not want to give up the self you are, but you just want to make some changes that you will be more effective.

The sun illuminates all that is in the shadow from the Moon. The Sun matches the fear and shadows of the Moon with clear, bright, rational clarity.

With this card being reversed, it expresses “muted” energies, something you are struggling with but that will come into the light. All muted energy can be turned around. All will be revealed in the Sun.


Third Eye and Solar Plexus

Moonstone enhances intuition and psychic abilities. It calms emotions, reducing instability, and prevents overreactions to situations and emotional triggers. It clears outdated emotional patterning and is the perfect antidote for excessively aggressive behavior. A power fun healer, water attuned it stabilizes fluid, dis-ease and resets the biorhythmic clock.


Father of Cups
(King of Cups)

Kings, in general, represent releasing. It is a wise decision to reach closure on an old habit or pattern. You are completing or ending what has gone on before as it no longer works for you. This could mean that a relationship is ending completely or a part of a relationship is ending completely. Nothing can be done now to retain or reclaim the vigor of the original feelings. You need to make some real or symbolic gesture that shows you have reached a point of closure or completion around this feeling or relationship. You may need to fully experience your grief and mourn its passing.


High vibration
All chakras

The amethyst show is an Elestial point. An extremely powerful healer, and stimulates the pineal gland. Activating the highest Chakras it opens a connection to interplanetary beings, guides and mentors. It helps to dispel negative energy, provides calm and feelings of reassurance. This is a very powerful stone, if you are experiencing confusion with states of your life, decision making, etc take some time in meditation with an amethyst, quite the mind and allow the guidance to come through. It won’t disappoint.


6 of Wands
Victory, Success, Rising Up

You have met the challenge to your identity and come through it. Now the self you are presenting to the world is more consistent and stable. You feel more secure with your identity and sense of purpose or personal direction. You are selling into the groove of being this self.

Take some time to rest, relax and take thing easy for awhile. Since you know what to expect, there is no need to worry. You can just go with the rhythm now.


Chakras: Crown, Stellar Gateway, Soul Star

Thought of as Crystallized divine light. Selenite actors the light body into the Earth vibration, and downloads divine light into the physical body. It creates a safe peaceful space that does not allow outside influences to penetrate. It is a great stone for bringing about and pinpointing conscious understanding (lessons) that occur on a subconscious level and it shows how it can best be resolved.


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