Full Moon Ritual Releasing and Finding Balance with Lunar Energies

Full Moon Ritual Releasing and Finding Balance with Lunar Energies
Ascend Healing Arts Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon rituals can be highly beneficial for working with lunar energies and frequencies to release the stresses of live in the 3d. Connecting with the ebb and flow and being in sync with lunar energies rather than letting them hit you like a storm and throw you off balance will prove most helpful.

Prepare for the energies of the Full Moon
Prepare for the upcoming changes in energy by drinking lots of water, make the time to get some movement in as well as making time for meditation. Try doing a body scan meditation to determine areas that are out of sync or the most effected by the energies, focus and concentrate on that area’s chakra. Eat and drink foods related to that chakra as well.

Daily affirmations that support your intentions will help in ways you may not expect. Daily affirmations are a way of letting the universe know this is exactly what you want, so be mindful in how you word them and repeat the  affirmations every day. 

Cleanse negative energy from your home. We often burn sage and  think everything is good now. Energies can be difficult to clear and gather in corners, cabinets and under furnishings, clustering like dust bunnies! Walk around your space and clap your hands in the corners, make some noise as well as using sage*, incense, sprays or resins that are good for clearing static or negative energy. Be sure to have a window open to release that which you are trying to remove from the space. Lighting candles and using a smudge or blessings spray are excellent methods as well. 

While you are clearing your space with which ever method you choose, set your lunar cycle intention and release anything that does not serve you.

“I release all thoughts that no longer serve me and keep me from reaching my highest potential. I invoke that which is for my highest good, for the month ahead, releasing all that no longer works for me. I see this, I feel this, it is right for me, and so it is.”

You can replace the words "that which is for my highest good" with the intention you are calling. Or better yet- write an affirmation that truly suits your  releasing intentions. Mean it when you speak it. Speaking it aloud is always more powerful. Speaking your affirmation aloud in front of a mirror is also quite powerful. Give it a try for a month and see! As you release the old energies you create space for new things to come into your life. The universe is listening all you have to do is be clear, consistent and mean it! Speak it with conviction!

If the weather permits during the full moon open windows and allow that full moon energy in!

Create An Altar space
This is a perfect time to create an altar if you do not have one. Watch for my upcoming class on creating an altar space and sacred space. In the meanwhile, find a spot that works for you, this can be a side table, a dresser a spot in a closet anywhere that works for you. On my altar space I have a mirror, crystals, sage, rosemary and lavender herbs in a shell, frankincense resin in sacred burning bowl, a chalice for water, sea shells, nuts, feathers that I have found, an altar cloth, rattles, Tingsha, and a selenite wand. I also have Goddess Cards,Green Tara, Isis, Sekmet and Mary Magdalene. Basically you want to include items that represent you, the elements and anything sacred to this process, time of year etc. 

Write down anything you wish to release on a small piece of paper or several small pieces b of paper before the ritual. 

Full Moon Crystal Grid:

I like to include a circle of 5 tumbled stones or small crystals as the circle is a sacred symbol of the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and the never-ending turning of the seasons. The circle of stones represents the flow of ideas and the efforts needed to bring your intention into fruition. Five is a sacred number of fullness. It is the presence of the Four Elements plus the Spirit, which is the WILL to create and accomplish that which you intend.
View my Full Moon Crystal Grid Board.

Use these methods to prepare yourself and your space for your Full Moon Ritual Ceremony!

Some additional things to think about during the time of a Full Moon:


- Relationships of every kind, family, friends, work, romantic.

- Work on Bringing Balance to your life:

  • Eat well- Eat better!
  • Drink Plenty of water
  • Eliminate processed and junk foods
  • Always be mindful, especially with the words you give to others.
  • Exercise- walk, hike, dance, yoga, Chi Gong.
  • Meditation
  • Take a bath with some crystals! Try crystals for grounding like smokey quartz is safe for in water (be sure it is tumbled)
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Journal

Using these techniques will truly help bring your body mind and spirit into balance and you will more easily handle the lunar ebb and flow.

Some emotional tips for the Full Moon.


  • Don’t ignore red flags. Pay attention to those gut feelings and do what you need to to keep your mind, body and spirit on its journey. Don’t simmer or ignore anything plaguing you. Think things through and take steps diplomatically, peacefully, to remove any unnecessary energetic aspects of relationships, places, things, behaviors, that no longer serve you on your path.

  • Don’t run from your insecurities, there can be tense lunar frequencies during this time and it can bring painful memories to the surface. Allow yourself to disengage from thoughts and emotions that generate these memories and meditate on the chakra related to your insecurity (see Chakra Chart). Dance, sing, move about, light a candle, spray some uplifting mists and surround yourself with healing crystals such as Amethyst and rose quartz. Channel the energies that are causing you disharmony and clear your blockages.

Charging Crystals under a Full Moon... 
You are probable wondering why an Advanced Crystal Master has not mentioned "charging" your crystals under the Full Moon until this far along in the article. Well its because the physics behind how crystals and energy work demonstrates that crystals do not neeeeeeeed to be charged. They are perfect. Yes sometimes there energy gets a little off, say due to an argument in the room they are placed in, but in all honesty all you need to do play a metal or crystal bowl, turn on some music, use a tuning fork, let the vibes entrain thats all you need to do to "Cleanse"! But "charging" them with energy-it honestly doesn't make sense,  they are not batteries think more like storage. They don't require human or lunar assistance in producing divine energy trust your crystals- they got this! They produce one frequency and it is perfect! 

Do I like to work with crystals during Full Moon Rituals? YES! Why then do I do that? I do it for ME!  Crystals can be present in your ritual to represent an element, and as mentioned above Crystal Grids add a lot of energy to any ritual, ceremony or intention setting process. So in short I use crystals (see above altar space and crystal grids) to enhance my intention and ground me but not expecting them to be charged by the moon. If I have a crystal that I say is "charged by the full moon" it simply means it experienced ritual of the full moon with me. 

The Day of the Full Moon Ritual

Decide where you will set up for the ritual. Preferably a space that allows you your privacy. I do like to hold the ceremony under the moon outdoors but it isn't always practical. So sometimes I hold the ritual in my sacred space.

  • Declutter your space.
  • Add Fresh Flowers
  • A Candle
  • Scent- herbs, gem elixir intention sprays, essential oils, incense, etc.
  • Have a journal on hand.
  • A circle of 5 tumbled stones or crystals 
  • Your altar- including items to represent the 4 elements
  • journal

Before you begin make sure you have set an intention for the ritual. Think about the goal as you sit before your altar space. Go over in your mind the goal which you seek to achieve as you begin your ritual. 

Want to see the Ritual Live?
Join Us for our Full Moon Ritual Ceremony Class!

What the class includes:
In this class we will go over the methods for ritual, answer questions, and go through the process of writing affirmations (or have them prepared before hand) and going through the motions of the ritual from connecting to the energies, invoking protection, performing a crystal grid full moon releasing ceremony, movement, and more. The class also includes a downloadable crystal grid for the Full Moon, Full Moon Release Worksheet, Chakra food chart, and list of herbs and other items associated with ritual. This class is a mini workshop to take you through the paces of release during the Full moon.

*Due to the popularity of white sage and palo Santos and sales through big box stores, these precious resources are at risk for over-harvesting and extinction. At Ascend we grow our own white sage and suggest you give it a try as well. We also recommend using Rosemary and lavender in place of sage and palo Santos. Making noise, using sprays and essential oils, as well as herbs from your garden is a much more connected and responsible practice.


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